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VOA Mandarin College Road Trip

VOA’s Mandarin Service gave Chinese students a unique window into life at U.S. colleges, through the stories and experiences told by Chinese students themselves. Hitting the road to visit 31 different campuses across the country, VOA journalists reported on higher education opportunities and explained an important part of life in the United States in programming that was very appealing to younger Chinese audiences.

Study in the United States is the goal of many Chinese students and their parents. At present, more than 350,000 Chinese students are enrolled in U.S. universities and colleges, comprising about 33 percent of the foreign student population.

VOA visited many different types of college environments for this series, from the most prestigious private schools to research institutions to public universities, from campuses with huge student bodies to those with only small campuses and everything in between.

Chinese students currently on U.S. campuses offered their unique perspective on their experiences in Facebook Live sessions that attracted more than 270,000 viewers on the Mandarin Service’s website and social media platforms.

VOA’s journalists also conducted one-on-one interviews with U.S. academic admission officers who provided insights on how to apply from abroad. These interviews generated tens of thousands of views on Facebook and Youtube. Television and radio packages also addressed challenging issues for the students such as adjusting to life in America, communicating with family and friends back home, and academic and security concerns.