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Auriane Itangishaka

International Broadcaster, VOA Central Africa Service

An experienced journalist with significant knowledge of the historic, social, political and economic issues of the Great Lakes region of Africa, Itangishaka has been with VOA’s Central Africa service for 14 years, where she frequently interviews high-level politicians including heads of State, religious figures, as well as human rights activists and other key leaders on topics pertaining to the region. She is one of the hosts of the service’s daily one-hour live call-in show Murisanga that engages the audience on a variety of issues including peaceful conflict resolution and political tolerance, reactions to breaking news of the day and health segments. Itangishaka, a recipient of the David Burke Distinguished Journalism Award, holds a master’s degree in social action and community development from the University of Maryland.

Expertise: Africa's Great Lakes Region (Burundi, Rwanda, DRC), Sub-Saharan Africa, International Politics

Languages: English, French, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, Swahili

Location: Washington, D.C.