United States Agency for Global Media

2011 Annual Language Service Review Briefing Book

The FY2011 briefing book was created in support of the BBG’s congressionally mandated, annual review of all broadcast language services – the process known as Language Service Review.

This book provides BBG governors, managers and employees with quick access to core performance and other data for all language services as well as relevant data and information regarding the media and political environments in which the services operate. While such information is already available across the agency through routine research reports, there is added value in a ready reference document. This marked the ninth year that the BBG has produced some version of this book.

It bears noting that the BBG does not attempt to evaluate the performance of the language services based only on a few indicators, regardless of their relevance. The BBG research program yields a host of other data that are fully factored into both program reviews at the broadcast entities and the Language Service Review conducted by the Board.