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Press Freedom

According to Freedom House, only 13% of the world enjoys a free press, with global press freedom declining to its lowest point in years.

Journalists around the world are threatened by political, criminal and terrorist elements that wish to silence the media. Freedom House says in many countries, journalists and media companies are forced to display political loyalty or face repercussions, depriving many of unbiased and in-depth information.

In environments were information is tightly controlled by oppressive state or non-state actors, violence and extremism foments. By providing unbiased news and information, and supporting civil society in these media restrictive environments, BBG is making the world a safer place for Americans at home and abroad.

2017 Press Freedom in BBG Targeted Countries


Partially Free

Not Free

Journalist Experiences

Journalists around the world face dangers every day. The decisions they make can have tremendous implications for themselves, their families and colleagues, and their audiences.

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