United States Agency for Global Media

Special Committees

The Chair of the Broadcasting Board of Governors has the authority to create Special Committees when necessary. A Special Committee may be established to investigate designated topics or to carry out specific decisions of the Board. Once a Special Committee completes its goals, it presents a report to the Board and it is dissolved.

Active committees

Defunct committees

  • Committee on the Creation of a Chief Executive Officer »
    The CEO Committee shall evaluate and provide an assessment to members of the plenary Board (prior to the Board’s December 2013 meeting) of (i) the plan developed by the Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau to create a CEO of USIB under existing legislation; and (ii) current initiatives led by other Executive and Legislative Branch stakeholders to create a CEO of USIB pursuant to new legislation.
    Chair: Alberto Mora
  • Committee on the Future of Shortwave Broadcasting »
    The Broadcasting Board of Governors established the Special Committee on the Future of Shortwave Broadcasting to undertake a comprehensive review of the efficacy of shortwave radio as a distribution platform for U.S. international media (USIM). On August 1, 2014 the Committee released To Be Where the Audience Is, a report on its findings.
    Chair: Matt Armstrong