United States Agency for Global Media

Management Team

Photo of John F. Lansing, Chief Executive Officer and Director

John F. Lansing

Chief Executive Officer and DirectorThe CEO and Director oversees all aspects of U.S. international media. He provides day-to-day management of USAGM’s operations, including oversight of the technical, professional, and administrative support as well as strategic guidance and management of other programs.

Photo of Matthew Walsh, Deputy Director for Operations

Matthew Walsh

Deputy Director for OperationsThe Deputy Director for Operations manages all day-to-day operations of the Agency on behalf of the CEO. This includes directly overseeing the Office of Management Services; Office of Technology, Services, and Innovation; and USAGM’s Chief Risk Officer. It also includes serving as the lead Agency coordinator on major, cross-cutting initiatives.

Photo of Oanh Tran, Executive Director

Oanh Tran

Executive DirectorThe Executive Director sets the CEO’s agenda and decision-making process and serves as the Agency’s Executive Secretary by overseeing the organization and archive of all Agency documents and correspondence; the processes around tasking written products; and the quality control around all written products for the CEO’s approval.

Photo of Shawn Powers, Chief Strategy Officer

Shawn Powers

Acting Chief Strategy OfficerThe Senior Advisor for Global Strategy and Innovation focuses on strategic planning, innovation, research and evaluation, and policy coordination for USAGM, as well as positioning the agency within the broader U.S. government and with key stakeholders.

Photo of Terry Balazs, Director of TSI, CIO

Terry Balazs

Director of TSI, CIOThe Director of the Office of Technology, Services, and Innovation (TSI) manages radio and TV program transmission, information technology, agency infrastructure, and other technical functions supporting USAGM networks.

Photo of Grant Turner, Chief Financial Officer

Grant Turner

Chief Financial OfficerThe CFO is the principal budget, accounting and financial management officer for USAGM and coordinates closely on budgetary matters with VOA, RFE/RL, RFA, MBN, and OCB.

Photo of Ellona Fritschie, Director of Congressional Affairs

Ellona Fritschie

Director of Congressional AffairsThe Director of Congressional Affairs serves as the liaison between USAGM and Congress, and ensures that Congress is fully and currently informed of U.S. global media activities.

Photo of Nasserie Carew, Chief Global Communications Officer (CGCO)

Nasserie Carew

Chief Global Communications Officer (CGCO)The Chief Global Communications Officer (CGCO) is responsible for developing and directing all USAGM communications, including its five networks, and external relations strategies and activities.

Photo of David Kligerman, General Counsel

David Kligerman

General CounselThe General Counsel serves as Board Secretary and manages USAGM’s Office of General Counsel whose mission is to provide proactive end-to-end support for USAGM’s mission by ensuring legal compliance and promoting and defending the Agency.

Photo of Marie Lennon, Director of Management Services

Marie Lennon

Director of Management ServicesThe Director of Management Services has direct oversight of Human Resources, Contracts, Security, Civil Rights, Administration and Workforce Support and Development.

Network Leaders

Photo of Amanda Bennett, Director, Voice of America

Amanda Bennett

Director, Voice of AmericaThe Director of Voice of America (VOA) oversees a worldwide multimedia operation broadcasting in more than 40 languages around the world on radio, television, mobile, and the internet.

Photo of Jamie Fly,

Jamie Fly

The President of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) oversees the operations of the network, which serves as a surrogate media source in more than 20 countries, including Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and Ukraine.

Photo of Emilio J. Vazquez, Director of Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB)

Emilio J. Vazquez

Acting Director of Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB)The Director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB) oversees Radio and TV Martí which provide balanced news on local, regional and international events of importance to the Cuban people.

Photo of Libby Liu, President, RFA

Libby Liu

President, RFAThe President of Radio Free Asia (RFA) provides strategic and operational direction to meet the network’s mission of providing balanced, objective news to listeners in East Asian countries where such news is unavailable.

Photo of Alberto M. Fernandez, President, MBN

Alberto M. Fernandez

President, MBNThe President of Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc. (MBN) oversees the operation of two television networks (Alhurra and Alhurra-Iraq); two radio streams Sawa Iraq and Sawa Levant; and all of MBN’s digital and social media properties.

Senior Experts

Photo of Steve Capus, Senior Advisor and Strategist

Steve Capus

Senior Advisor and StrategistThe Senior Advisor and Strategist advises the CEO and USAGM leadership on a variety of key initiatives including the development of the Agency’s new long-term strategic plan.

Photo of Joan Mower, Director of Training and Development

Joan Mower

Director of Training and DevelopmentUSAGM’s Development and International Media Training office supports independent media worldwide, with training on subjects ranging from best editorial practices to sales and marketing. The office also works with partners to develop programs that deliver fact-based news and information on health, education, entrepreneurship, and more.

Photo of Dr. Nnake Nweke, Chief Risk Officer

Dr. Nnake Nweke

Chief Risk OfficerThe Chief Risk Officer leads USAGM’s enterprise risk management program and its activities, including identifying, assessing, managing, and monitoring all enterprise-wide risks to the agency’s strategic goals and objectives.

Photo of Chad Hurley, Director of the Office of Internet Freedom

Chad Hurley

Director of the Office of Internet FreedomThe Director of the Office of Internet Freedom serves as the principal advisor on technological and innovative efforts to circumvent Internet censorship around the globe, lead the development of USAGM’s strategies on combating Internet censorship and study its impact on USAGM programming.

Photo of Gary Thatcher,

Gary Thatcher

The Associate Director for Program Support handles a number of major assignments, including international telecommunications regulations; transmission to high-priority areas and relations with other government agencies, including the Department of Defense.

Photo of Rami Khater, Chief Technology Officer and Director of Research

Rami Khater

Chief Technology Officer and Director of ResearchThe Chief Technology Officer and Director of Research assesses media and technology trends that give USAGM a competitive advantage while promoting a culture of openness and innovation.