United States Agency for Global Media

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Laurie Moy

Director of Public Affairs

Laurie Moy joined USAGM in 2013 and has more than 20 years of communications and broadcasting experience. She began serving as Acting Director for Public Affairs in November 2020. 

Prior to joining USAGM, Ms. Moy served as the Director of Communications for USAID’s Global Broadband Initiative, which leveraged information and communication technologies to enhance delivery and extend the reach of USAID’s socioeconomic programs. She has also provided communications for development consultation for organizations such as United Nations Volunteers and NetAid.  

She co-authored “Mobile Phone Applications Along the Agricultural Commodity Value Chain,” Mobile Phones for Agricultural Extension; Worldwide mAgri Innovations and Promise for Future, New India Publishing Company, 2014. And she has provided documentary photography for social programs in post-FARC Colombia banana plantations, reforestation efforts in post-Maria Puerto Rico, and community support services in Uganda for families affected by disability. 

Ms. Moy holds a master’s degree in International Media from American University, a certificate in Media, Democratization and Civil Society from Central European University, and a Bachelor’s in East Asian studies from Boston University.