United States Agency for Global Media

Office of Internet Freedom

The Office of Internet Freedom (OIF) provides anti-censorship technology and services to journalists and citizens around the world, enhancing their ability to safely access or share digital news and information without fear of repercussions or surveillance.

OIF provides oversight and support for the U.S. Agency for Global Media networks, journalists and sources - including deployments, implementations and digital safety training and awareness. 

When USAGM and its networks identify internet freedom-related issues they and their audiences are experiencing, the Office of Internet Freedom will work with the Open Technology Fund to explore solutions and increase on-the-ground awareness of new developments and threats.

In addition to working with USAGM networks, the OIF will engage with other Federal Agencies such as DARPA, NSF, etc to assist with the overall landscape of internet freedom and foster collaboration where appropriate. 

Recent Highlights

OIF Programs

OIF funds the research, development and deployment of technologies to support the free flow of online information and independent media abroad. OIF’s work enables unfettered access to online information without government interference, allowing citizens to freely express themselves and form their own opinions.

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Operations Support

OIF supports the testing, deployment and management of internet anti-censorship technologies around the world.

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Education and Training

OIF provides educational and training activities on the safe use of encryption technologies to citizens and journalists around the world.

Meet the Director

Chad Hurley, Director of Office of Internet Freedom

The Director of the Office of Internet Freedom serves as the principal advisor on technological and innovative efforts to circumvent Internet censorship around the globe, lead the development of USAGM’s strategies on combating Internet censorship and study its impact on USAGM programming.

Featured Content

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Office of Internet Freedom Factsheet

(PDF, 264 KB)

A summary of current USAGM-funded Internet Freedom projects overseen by the Office of Internet Freedom.

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Internet Freedom Framework

(PDF, 183 KB)

The Agency established this framework by which it seeks to fund a number of internet freedom projects, directly and through its grantees. (June 2019).