United States Agency for Global Media

Greg Saperstein

(Former) Office of Public Affairs Intern

The BBG is a great place to work. Regardless of the office you work in, everyone, even from other offices, says hi to you in the hallways. I definitely think what I learned here will benefit me in the future; the tools I used and the lessons I had learned proved to be invaluable. I worked on a huge project for Public Service Recognition Week, where we interviewed various BBG/VOA employees on how they assist America and how their job is a service to the country. After the interviews, we took about 100 minutes of footage and b-roll and edited it into three 4-minute long videos. This was just one of the projects. The office is a great environment, you have your own space to work and the office staff is available to help you out whenever you need. I had never really expected it to be this enjoyable, and it had actually deepened my interest in the fields of public diplomacy, media censorship, video journalism, and video production. One of the main things interns should know is: "if you are ever in doubt with something, just ask. That's what everyone is here for. Don't be afraid to ask questions."