United States Agency for Global Media

Strategy and Results

Guided by its mission to inform, engage, and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy, and with its first-rate global communications capacity, USAGM is uniquely capable of defending press freedom and access to information in some of the most challenging markets for journalists.

USAGM’s mission of supporting freedom and democracy is defined by two overarching, long-term strategic goals: (1) expanding freedom of information and expression, and (2) sharing America’s democratic experience and values.

Both of these goals serve to further the USAGM mission of supporting freedom and democracy.

Every day, USAGM's networks work in some of the most repressive media environments in the world to inform, engage and connect with their audiences in support of freedom and democracy. To evaluate its ability to accomplish this mission, the Agency must measure more than just audience size.

USAGM’s Media for Democracy Forum brings together media experts, practitioners, opinion leaders, and policymakers to explore current trends in global media and their impact on democracy, as well as to identify solutions to the biggest threats facing free media.

Performance Reports