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Office of Cuba Broadcasting

The Office of Cuba Broadcasting oversees Radio and Television Martí, its news website Martínoticias.com, and associated social media platforms. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the Martís are a multimedia hub of unbiased and objective news, information, and analysis that provide the people of Cuba with interactive programs seven days a week through satellite television, shortwave and AM radio, and digital platforms.

Recent Press Releases

Martí launches groundbreaking new fact-checking service to counter propaganda in Cuba 

Today, Radio and Television Martí unveiled Martí Verifica, the most ambitious fact-checking service to verify public discourse and combat disinformation about Cuba and topics of interest to the Cuban people. The resourceful and comprehensive new project from Radio and Television Martí is a collaboration with Mediaplus INC, the parent company of the independent Cuban news platform, El Toque. 

New partnership provides fact checking support to combat on Russian disinformation in Cuba

Radio and Television Martí and the Ukrainian fact-checking outlet, StopFake.org, today launched a joint project to counter Spanish-language Russian propaganda circulating in Cuba. 

Martí director decries detention of Cuban contributor

Office of Cuba Broadcasting Director, Sylvia Rosabal, condemned in the strongest terms the recent detention of Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, host of Lawton Libre, a weekly radio program airing on Radio Martí that covers current events and human rights issues around the world and in Cuba.  

Recent Awards

Suncoast Regional Emmy® Award

Project: “Alas de Libertad” (2017)

Winner: Christina Sanson (Senior TV Projects Manager) & Alvaro Alba (Supervising Editor of Digital Media and Social Strategy)

Presented by: The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – Suncoast Chapter Emmy Awards

“In contrast to what happens on the island during official special broadcasts, [Radio Martí] first caught our attention because of the impartiality of the journalists that participated in this broadcast. …the entire broadcasting process was highly professional with the kind of impartiality of true journalism.”

Moises Leonardo from Havana

Commenting on Radio Martí’s coverage of 2016 U.S. election