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Middle East Broadcasting Networks

MBN is an Arabic-language news organization with a weekly audience of 27.4 million people in 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Freedom House deemed 21 of these countries to be “not free” or “partly free” in 2018. MBN networks expand the spectrum of ideas, opinions and perspectives in the region and engaging audiences to share perspectives.

MBN consists of two television networks (Alhurra and Alhurra-Iraq); Sawa radio; Alhurra.com; RadioSawa.com; Irfaasawtak.com; MaghrebVoices.com; ElSaha.com and various social media platforms. The networks broadcast news and information from their headquarters in Northern Virginia, along with bureaus and production centers in Cairo, Dubai, Jerusalem, Beirut, Erbil, Rabat, and Washington, D.C. MBN also has correspondents throughout the Middle East and North Africa. MBN’s networks provide an undistorted line of communication with the people of the Middle East and North Africa.

Alhurra and Alhurra-Iraq are 24/7 Arabic-language television networks that provide news and analysis to more than 17.5 million viewers each week. Its in-depth discussion programs provide points of view from throughout the region and the U.S.

Sawa radio has two dedicated streams, one to Iraq and the other to the Levant. It is available via FM and MW throughout the region and broadcasts a wide range of newscasts, discussion programs and call-in shows daily on each stream.

Tackling topics not found in other media outlets, Alhurra and Sawa radio are connecting with Arab audiences. They are regularly cited for their trustworthy news and have been recognized with numerous awards for their on-air content.

MBN Digital provides original reporting and interactive posts on Facebook and integration within on-air broadcasts. Primetime newscasts and current affairs programs incorporate social media into their daily lineups.

Together, these networks deliver accurate and objective information on the region, American policies and Americana with a broad range of perspectives and an open dialogue on issues of importance to the audience.

MBN operates under a grant from USAGM.

Recent Press Releases

MBN’s “American Highlights” wins bronze

MBN’s newest podcast, “American Highlights,” won the bronze medal at the inaugural Signal Awards, a competition honoring the best podcasts from around the world. The “American Highlights” episode exploring Jewish communities in the U.S. won for Best Editing.

Excellence and commitment to press freedom honored at 21st Annual Burke Awards

Today, the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) celebrated its 21st annual David Burke Distinguished Journalism Awards ceremony. This year, for the first time, in addition to recognizing excellent reporting and coverage, the agency honored accomplishments made in providing broad, safe and secure access to that content.  

Alhurra provides extensive coverage of the 2022 U.S. Midterm Elections

Alhurra plans more than 30 hours of coverage starting on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, to bring information about the U.S. midterm elections to audiences across the Middle East and North Africa. Correspondents will be live from 10 states, interviewing voters about the issues most important to them.

Recent Awards

“Alhurra’s coverage of Daesh has changed my thinking…I thought Daesh was good…but I’ve seen now the execution and murder. So that changed my thinking about Daesh.”

Syrian refugee