United States Agency for Global Media

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USAGM supports broadcasting to the world in 63 languages. Our working environment is diverse, multicultural, and highly professional. We employ both U.S. Citizens and qualified non-U.S. Citizens.

USAGM internships are available in the fields of engineering, research, public diplomacy and public affairs. Graduate students and exceptional undergrads are encouraged to apply.

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USAGM is firmly committed to equal employment opportunity (EEO), diversity, and the promotion of a strong affirmative employment program.

Partnering with USAGM

Learn how your business can provide broadcasting and journalistic services to the Agency.

USAGM’s rapidly growing, multi-media affiliate network offers vast audiences a wide range of program and content options in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

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The process for requesting content from USAGM depends upon whether you wish to use the content on a one-time or continuing basis.