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Radio Free Asia

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with eight bureaus and offices overseas, RFA is a private, nonprofit, multimedia news corporation. RFA brings award-winning, domestic journalism and uncensored content to people in six Asian countries that restrict free speech, freedom of the press, and access to reliable information beyond their borders. RFA also provides educational and cultural programming, as well as forums for audiences to engage in open dialogue and freely express opinions.

Working in some of the world’s harshest media environments, RFA utilizes on-the-ground reporters and “stringers,” as well as vast networks of cultivated in-country sources, citizen journalists, and eyewitnesses who provide leads, tips, images, and video—often at great personal risk—to ensure that their fellow countrymen and women get accurate, timely news and information about what’s happening in their communities and neighborhoods.

RFA is funded by a grant from USAGM.

Recent Press Releases

RFA welcomes Gijsbrecht de Leede as new CFO ‘at a historic time’

Radio Free Asia (RFA), a nonprofit news corporation that brings answers, accountability, and empowerment to populations in Asian countries under authoritarian rule, today announced Gijsbrecht de Leede as its new Chief Financial Officer. De Leede brings almost two decades of experience overseeing and managing financial departments of multi-million dollar nonprofits and media corporations. De Leede will replace Patrick Taylor Jr., RFA’s founding CFO, who will retire in January 2023 after serving RFA since its incorporation in March 1996.

Four wins for RFA digital brand 歪脑 | WHYNOT at Telly Awards

Radio Free Asia’s (RFA) online affiliate 歪脑 | WHYNOT won four prizes at the 43rd annual Telly Awards – earning one silver award for its special report “Preserving the Erased Decade of the Chinese Feminist Movement” and three for its docu-series “Caught in the Crossfire.” The two entries won across four of the Telly Awards’ categories, which judge the best work created within television and video, including Online Documentary and Non-scripted Web Series.

RFA President affirms urgency of global press freedom amid rising authoritarianism: ‘Choice couldn’t be clearer’

Marking World Press Freedom Day amid rising authoritarianism and escalating dangers facing journalists, Radio Free Asia (RFA) President Bay Fang pledged RFA’s steadfast commitment to informing publics in Asia deprived of a free press and free expression.

Recent Awards

““I am in anguish. There is a spiritual hunger in me. I thirst for certain information, but given the way things are in China, my thirst cannot be quenched. I can only tune into your program often. I like your program a lot. Your program moves me so much that I have become an insomniac.””

RFA Listener, Guangxi Province, China