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Headquartered in Washington, D.C., with eight bureaus and offices overseas, RFA is a private, nonprofit, multimedia news corporation. RFA brings award-winning, domestic journalism and uncensored content to people in six Asian countries that restrict free speech, freedom of the press, and access to reliable information beyond their borders. RFA also provides educational and cultural programming, as well as forums for audiences to engage in open dialogue and freely express opinions.

Working in some of the world’s harshest media environments, RFA utilizes on-the-ground reporters and “stringers,” as well as vast networks of cultivated in-country sources, citizen journalists, and eyewitnesses who provide leads, tips, images, and video—often at great personal risk—to ensure that their fellow countrymen and women get accurate, timely news and information about what’s happening in their communities and neighborhoods.

RFA is funded by a grant from USAGM.

Recent Highlights

Statement on the passing of Dick Richter, RFA’s founding president

RFA's founding President Richard “Dick” Richter passes away on June 29, 2018.

Recent Awards

RFA online series on human trafficking a finalist at New York Festivals


RFA’s online series on human trafficking in Asia, “Breaking Free: Stories of Escape from Traffickers,” was selected as a finalist in the Best Online News category of the New York Festivals’ International Radio Programming contest in June. The series tells the stories of victims who succeeded in fleeing enslavement, incorporating eye-opening short documentaries, animation, and images to tell the stories of victims who managed to flee enslavement. The series was also a finalist in the Best Online News Program category for the New York Festivals’ World’s Best TV and Film in April.


Radio Free Asia’s mission is to provide accurate and timely news and information to Asian countries whose governments prohibit access to a free press.

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“I first learned about Hong Kong's Occupy Central Movement through shortwave broadcasting by Radio Free Asia. I am thrilled for the people of Hong Kong to bravely fight for democracy and freedom.”

Caller from Huizhou, China