United States Agency for Global Media

Affiliate Training and Relationship Building Tour

October 2014

Arben Xhixho led an event funded and organized by the BBG/VOA on the best practices of journalism in Tirana.  The goal of the conference was to reaffirm VOA’s affiliate relationships, assess the media landscape, and seek to build on existing affiliate relationships with key national broadcasters.  Mr. Xhixho had successful meetings at RTSh, Albanian Radio and Television, the public broadcaster that carries VOA TV and radio programs in Albanian.  Meetings were held with other VOA affiliates, such as TV News 24 and Top Cannel to discuss their ongoing relationship with VOA.  The Balkans VOA-RFE/RL Affiliate Trainings and Consultation Tour was organized by Inna Dubinsky, BBG/OSD Development Officer and Olga Buriak, RFE/RL Senior Journalism Trainer.

  • Arben Xhixho