United States Agency for Global Media

Affiliate Training on TV Production

August 2014

In a joint training session hosted by RFE/RF and VOA, and funded by BBG, 10 trainees were led by Olga Buriak, Mike Yelchev, Bruce Jacobs, Maryana Drach, Petr Tetal, and Kieran D’Arcy.  The 10 trainees came from 5 affiliates:  UT-1, TRK Klass, ICTV, News 24, Donetsk Public TV + Provse TV.  The goal was to allow each participant to independently practice the whole process of video production– starting from storyboarding, through shooting, editing and giving each other professional feedback.  The group also learned how to give professional feedback (and accept constructive criticism) which are very useful skills for multimedia editors. Another goal was to make local journalists rethink their skills in terms of new developments in web journalism in Ukraine. Because participants worked in pairs for the interviewing assignment, their emotions about covering the conflict in Ukraine were vivid. The diversity of the group in regard to skill-level and origin allowed for different perspectives.

  • Olga Buriak
  • Mike Yelchev
  • Bruce Jacobs
  • Maryana Drach
  • Petr Tetal
  • Kieran D'Archy