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Training on Covering Nuclear Security, RNTC, The Hague

March 2014

VOA reporters received training at Radio Netherlands World Training Center and cover the Nuclear Summit in The Hague

Russian language service reporter Natasha Mozgovaya, Latin America Division, Spanish reporter Alberto Pimienta and Urdu language service reporter Khalil Bughio participated in a full week in depth training on nuclear issues before covering the 2014 Nuclear Summit. The training is part of a wide range cooperation agreement between BBG and Radio Netherlands.

The reporters filed for their news and information programming, their coverage included interviews, special reports and backgrounders placed in all their broadcast platforms.

The Office of Development and International Media Training worked with all three VOA Divisions to select the contractor/reporters and OSD provided funding for their travel.

Russian Language coverage links:

Natasha Mozgovaya also participated in our daily webcast Podelis on Monday – speaking from The Hague on President Obama’s visit:


And on Tuesday went live to our Russian affiliate Dozhd after Pr. Obama’s press conference (her hit starts at about 21:00)

http://tvrain.ru/articles/majkl_makfol_poka_obama_u_vlasti_rossija_ne_vernetsja_v_bolshuju_vosmerku-365749/ ]

She also interviewed Kenneth Brill, former US ambassador to the IAEA, and Miles Pomper, senior research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

Urdu language coverage links:

Please see Khalil Bughio’s reports posted on the Urdu web. This is in addition to his live/feature radio reports from the Summit.


Latin America coverage links:

Reports by Alberto Pimienta as well as samples of his tweets