United States Agency for Global Media

Business and Marketing for Radio Affiliates: Nigeria

October 2016

Management and Sales Training for the Nigeria Info FM Radio Group.

With a manager and reporter from each station, the intent was to improve upon newsroom management techniques, social media best practices, and mobile phone-based video journalism.

The wide list of topics included:

  • Scan of the Market – Highlights from the BBG National Media Survey Data
  • Broadcast Values and Ethics
  • SWOT Analysis – How to conduct, then use (group exercise)
  • Management and Organizational Structures
  • Strategic Planning (group exercise)
  • Managing People – From Job Description through Discipline
  • The High Cost of Turnover and How to Prevent It
  • Managing Talent in Era of Social Media
  • The Future of Media
  • Sales: Making the Case for Radio, Sales Packages, Proposals, Relationships (group)
  • Sales: Planning and Pacing
  • Sales: Dealing with Digital Technology
  • NTR Sales (Non-Traditional Revenue):Selling Events and Sponsored Content
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)
  • Paul Marszelak
    Media Strategist