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Engaging Youth in the Digital Age: Training for Cambodian Journalists


VOA journalists from the Khmer Service worked with 20 reporters, editors and producers on developing new ways of reaching young people with digital products.

The Cambodians, representing more than a dozen news media organizations in the country, spent five days focusing on how to use smart phones and social media in their reporting. The workshop took place in Phnom Penh, the capital.

The Training on Digital Journalism and Youth Engagement aims to help Cambodian journalists not only produce balanced digital content, but also to make their content more suitable and appealing to Cambodia’s large youth population. The curriculum was developed by VOA Khmer’s digital strategist Sophat Soeung and iPhone reporter Poch Reasey – the main trainers – along with resource experts Narin Sun, editor-in-chief at Voice of Democracy (VOD) online news and Moses Ngeth, head of media department at the Center for Alliance of Labor and Human Rights (CENTRAL).

The training draws heavily on social media platforms and iPhone reporting tools. Trainees are required to create their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and participate in a Facebook group, where they publish short videos that they are learning to shoot and edit with an iPhone.

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