United States Agency for Global Media

Radio Training for Senegalese Journalism Students

January/February 2016

This series of workshops provided journalism students from three Dakar journalism schools with training in a variety of media skills.

These skills include writing, reporting and production for radio, interviewing, use of new media tools and smart phone apps for radio program promotion and audience expansion. Students discussed principles of journalism, ethics and best practices. They also looked at the VOA styleguide and Charter, which establishes guidelines protecting the integrity and independence of VOA programming.

Sessions were designed to help the journalism students master skills and develop processes for producing strong radio and TV pieces. The students studied editing, use of sound and mixing. Student-produced pieces in Wolof were aired on VOA’s FM in Dakar.


  • Broadcasting Board of Governors, Office of International Media Training
  • Khalil Gueye
    Senegalese Broadcaster