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Cassandra Fernandez

(Former) Office of Public Affairs

Working with the Public Affairs team at the BBG has been an amazing experience! Everyone in the office, as well as the entire organization is so welcoming and they are always willing to help or chat about any questions or interests you might have. I also appreciated how they involve you as much as possible and you are treated as an important member of the team. In this office, I enjoyed learning about all the different moving parts of the agency and its networks. There is always something going on at the BBG, and my tasks were wide-ranging which I liked because it allowed me to maximize my skill set. Some of the things I worked on were the website, social media, publications, and events. I also enjoyed learning more about the agencies reach in the international community. I’ve studied public diplomacy in school, but being here at the agency gave me an understanding about what public diplomacy actually looks like in practice and the positive impacts it can have on people’s lives around the world.