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Jeong Park

(Former) Office of Public Affairs

This internship provided an abundance of opportunities to use and improve my writing, multimedia, and communication skills. In just ten weeks, I did so much: Helping to edit the organization’s annual report, organizing materials for World Press Freedom Day, and promoting BBG networks’ impactful multimedia projects (That's just a few of many examples!).

Furthermore, people at the office were very helpful and friendly. I loved that I could ask for and receive help within minutes, but also loved that I was given plenty of freedom in how I went about doing my work. My colleagues were very willing to give feedback, but also encouraged and accepted my opinions and ideas. I stopped feeling like an intern within just a couple of weeks.

I also can’t say enough about how great BBG is. It is easy to see BBG as another government agency, but I felt differently shortly after joining the office. Seeing hundreds of reporters and editors risk their lives to report the truth and promote freedom in dozens of countries around the world has been very inspiring for me as an aspiring journalist.