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Nicaragua: Digital radio reporting

August 2017

More than 100 reporters from different regions in Nicaragua attended three separate workshops focused on radio and TV production, new technologies, and the challenges faced by small radio stations.

The trainings, organized and sponsored by BBG in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua, were held in Estelí, Managua, and Chinandega, from August 7-10, 2017.

Jose Vega, VOA Senior TV Production Specialist, and Iscar Blanco, BBG Business Development, trained reporters, directors, administrators, and students. Trainees were particularly interested in using mobile devices to produce and edit content.

In Estelí, a city about 100 miles from Managua, reporters explored ways to create radio programming using new digital technology, including new software and applications for smartphones.

In Managua, 40 students and academics from four university (UCA, UAM, UCC, UDM, UHISPAM) attended a seminar about how youth are using new technology.

Vega, Blanco and Gioconda Reynolds, anchor of VOA’s Buenos Días América, discussed with students and academics the future of reporting news events in the new digital age, including editorial balance and copyrights.

The day-long training was held at the Nicaraguan and North American Cultural Center (CCNN).  Laura Dogu, U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua, talked to students about the importance of journalism and accurate, fact-based reporting in today’s turbulent work.

“This type of training is important, particularly for young people,” said Ambassador Dogu, during BBG training at CCNN.

In Chinandega, trainers worked with reporters on the use of mobile technology.

At the end of week, BBG trainers conducted a session on digital reporting at 100% Noticias, a VOA TV affiliate.

According to Anibal Toruño, radio news director from Radio Dario Leon, the training provided an avenue in which he “gained new contacts with other media.”

“This type of training helps us to be more effective and efficient,” said Sergio Leon, Director of La Costeñita, a radio station in Bluefields.

  • BBG
  • Jose Vega
    TV Production Specialist, VOA
  • Gioconda Reynolds
    Radio Personality, VOA
  • Gesell Tobias
    Multimedia Reporter, VOA
  • Iscar Blanco
    Director, Office of Business Development – Latin America, BBG