United States Agency for Global Media

Tanzania: Investigative reporting

August 2017

Twenty journalists from radio, television and print media were trained to build greater capacity and understanding in dealing with Investigative Reporting at the IAJ facilitated a workshop on Investigative Reporting (IJ) from 22-25 August 2017, at the Serena Hotel in Dar es Salaam.

Participants were able to have a better understanding of the nature of investigative journalism and how it differs from other forms of journalistic practice. They were encouraged to become familiar with news across the world, particularly in Africa, to develop investigative journalism. 
In addition, participants learned about the different kinds of investigative reporting, including public sector investigations, investigative exposés of government delivery failures, and consumer, workplace, and environmental investigations.

The trainees learned that investigative journalism is about more than exposing government corruption—it also upholds the rights of ordinary people to government services such as water, health, policing and electricity, and to a safe and healthy living and working environment. 
The program also helped participants understand the importance of information security and source protection. They also learned that much of the information used by investigative journalists is publicly available and learned about how to use public sources in their own country.

  • BBG
  • Dimakatso Mathe
    Training Coordinator, IAJ