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Vienna: Training and Media Against Hate campaign

April / June 2017

Two workshops for community media in Europe were held in collaboration with CMFE, MID and other leading media NGOs in Europe as part of the year-long Media Against Hate campaign.

April 5–7 in Vienna, Austria, for 32 participants from Greece, Croatia, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Poland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Austria. Inna Dubinsky was one of the trainers who introduced BBG Direct.

On June 7–9, the second workshop was held in Olsztyn, Poland, for 30 journalists from Pakistan, Syria, Algeria, Afghanistan, Netherlands, Malta, Lithuania and other countries. RFE/RL’s Gordana Knezevic was the trainer.

  • CMFE
  • MID
  • Inna Dubinsky
    VOA Business Development
  • Gordana Knezevic