United States Agency for Global Media

Nigeria: Investigative reporting

November 1–3

Nigeriainfo, a radio station in Lagos and one of the key BBG/VOA partners in Nigeria, benefited from a three-day intensive training in investigative reporting, news gathering and writing skills on November 1–3, 2017. Fifteen trainees worked individually and in groups to practice writing in short sentences, develop an outline of the story idea, conduct interviews and write stories. At the end of the training, reporters and program hosts improved:

  • Knowledge of the principles and ability to write simple and clear reports and stories
  • Understanding of the importance of research for an investigative reporter
  • Knowledge of interviewing techniques and ability to conduct focused interviews
  • Understanding of what a feature story is and writing one for broadcast in an effective and compelling way
  • Full understanding of the capabilities of Social Media as a tool for news-gathering and reporting
  • BBG
  • Anselm Okolo
    Editor-In-Chief of 7AMNEWSEXTRA, Nigeria