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Ecuador: Ethics and Digital Journalism

May 7-11, 2018

BBG and VOA trainers conducted two, two-day trainings for more than 30 Ecuadorian journalists in Quito, Ecuador, from May 7-11, 2018.

Journalists from Medios Publicos (MP), a government media organization, were trained to understand and successfully implement their roles as reporters and producers working for a government news agency.

BBG’s Iscar Blanco and VOA’s Gioconda Reynolds trained reporters and journalists on digital news, radio production, youth and consumption, and future of the media.

Other important topics included journalism ethics, balance, accuracy of reporting and value, protection of sources of information, and freedom of press.

MP’s journalists came from a mix of TV and radio broadcast (Publica FM and Ecuador TV) and print medium (El Telegrafo). They were of varied ages and skills levels, from reporters to producers, including managing editors and anchors.

The training offered MP staff a better understanding of the challenges of the radio and television market in the digital migration.

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  • Iscar Blanco
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