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Overlapping news and current affairs production

January 15-17, 2018

This interactive training began with a session on learning the difficulties participants face when writing news stories. The majority admitted that writing stories was not their strong area.

The following session was aimed at addressing this deficiency. The session covered what consists as news and how to write a clear and meaningful news story. Participants were introduced to the five Ws and the H, the elements of news and why it is written in the inverted pyramid style. The sessions further focused on how to prioritize and sequence items in a news bulletin and follow on by current affairs programmer, outlined the importance of editorial conference in news pitching, consideration, budgeting and planning. A story idea was suggested and participants were invited to brainstorm its relevance to the people and what the story should address.

Participants, employees of NigeriaInfor radio station, were then introduced to research and interviewing techniques as a means of gathering facts for their stories, principles of lead and intro writing for radio. Journalists practiced new skills in group exercises, discussions and mock editorial meetings.

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  • Anselm Okolo
    Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, 7AMNEWSEXTRA