United States Agency for Global Media

Mexico: Mobile Digital Reporting

May 23-25 2018

BBG and VOA experts conducted a training for its affiliate, TV Azteca, in Mexico City, Mexico, from May 23-25, 2018.

Thirty journalists, producers, and managing editors from were trained to use their mobile devices to produce media reports.

Jose Vega (VOA), Gesell Tobias (VOA) and Iscar Blanco (BBG), offered participants tips on which gadgets to use, best methods of shooting and sequencing for videos, storytelling with just a picture, a checklist used when conducting interviews, and the ethics of journalism.

They learned how to use a variety of social media platforms to promote their stories and increase their audience reach worldwide.

The TV Azteca staff left with a better understanding of the challenges of the television market in the digital migration.

  • BBG
  • Iscar Blanco
  • Jose Vega
  • Gesell Tobias