United States Agency for Global Media

Dom. Republic: Communication and Crisis

April 20-21, 2018

In a two-day workshop, forty-six journalists and spokespeople were trained to build greater capacity and understanding in dealing with a crisis communication. The workshop was facilitated by Gelen Gil Productions, El Zol and BBG Business Development from 20-21 April 2018, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Throughout the training session, topics revolved around communication crisis, the role of a spokesperson and reporters, interview techniques on how to answer to the press, and the use of social media to resolve a crisis.

Iscar Blanco, BBG’s Business Development, Gonzalo Abarca, VOA Spanish, and Edith Febles, from GG Productions, created more than 15 imaginary cases, where participants learned ways to increase media knowledge and awareness towards sensitive topics in a controlled scenario.

The outcomes were professional journalists, reporters and spokespersons better prepared to tackle communication issues using new technology, editorial balance, and copyrights.

  • Gelen Gil Productions
  • BBG Training
  • Iscar Blanco
  • Gonzalo Abarca
  • Edith Febles