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Nigeria: newsroom management & interviewing techniques

May 6 -11 2018

The workshop for fourteen mid and top-level media managers was interactive and robust. It combined presentations on key journalism topics with sessions on team building and leadership skills development.

Participants engaged in writing assignments beginning with group brainstorming sessions on story ideas and continuing with writing a story outline, assignment, and role allocation. At the end of the training journalists from VOA affiliated media organizations learned how to:

 Develop story ideas and launch a project.

 Create an ideal Newsroom structure.

 Integrate and engage Assignment Editors in the news flow and development process effectively.

 Appreciate and conduct regular editorial board meetings and post-production meetings.

 Participate actively in mock group exercises (assignments – from conceptualizing the idea of a story to broadcasting).

 Conduct digital research – analysis of documents, such as legal action or other legal document, tax records, government reports, regulatory reports, and corporate financial filings.

 Utilize and understand digital applications for reporting.

 Integrate social media in routine news reporting as a way for expanding audiences.

 Conduct effective and purpose-driven interviews.

Write compelling and motivating narratives.

 Collaborate with various units in the station to source and produce stories.

 Create impact through exciting and inspiring feature stories to retain station audiences.

Feedback from participants

Amber Olague, GM ITV Abuja station:

“I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to get this training. It has helped open up to the new ways to make things work better in my newsroom. It is good to know that dynamism and new rules can be introduced to make things better. We appreciate the contribution of VOA to the growth and development of this noble profession in Nigeria.”

Dahiru Haliru – Barau, Director News Bauchi Radio/Television Corporation:

“This training has been really interesting, interactive and most importantly educative. I have learned a lot. I hope to put what I learned here into practice when I get back to my station.”

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