United States Agency for Global Media

Miami: Copyright training

July 2018

Fifteen editors and journalists from Venezuelan radio, television and online media organizations participated in the BBG/VOA workshop on copyright issues and the digital media, which was held at OCB headquarters in Miami, from July 18-20, 2018.

Taught by experts in the field, the program included coursework in trademark and copyright issues, including Fair Use.

BBG Development Officers, Addie Nascimento and Iscar Blanco led the courses covering the critical areas of laws that affect those working in media.

Participants from Venezuelan affiliates (La Patilla, VPI, VenePress, TeleCaribe, Efecto Cocuyo and VivoPlay) expressed concern about copyright infringements and were unclear if the “fair use” doctrine would protect them in today’s digital and social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter). The course addressed their concerns and expanded their knowledge on the subject of copyright law and intellectual property.

The training was extended to 50 editors, journalists, anchors and producers from OCB.

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  • Addie Nascimento
  • Iscar Blanco