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TV program managers training

August 11-14 2018

BBG/VOA training for station managers from Radio and TV partner stations in East and Southern Africa took place in Nairobi, Kenya, on August 11-14, 2018. The first day was a focus group discussion about new TV programs, followed by a three-day training. A total of 28 TV partners attended the training, including Botswana-1, e-Swatini (formerly know as Swaziland)-1; Kenya-7, Lesoto-1, Malawi-4, Rwanda-1, Somalia -1; South Africa-3, Tanzania -4, Uganda -2, Zambia -1, Zanzibar -1, Zimbabwe-1.

The TV session was facilitated by Phage Malebo, a former TV manager and producer who has been in the field of TV programming for the past 28 years. Phage is currently a coach and mentor with the Kofifi media group and has worked with SABC, ETV among others and came in highly recommended by IAJ in South Africa. BBG Regional Marketing officer Joice Ngoh opened the training and introduced participants to BBG Direct.

TV Training Themes:
➢ How to program a TV successfully
➢ Convergence and its impact on the media landscape
➢ Developments in technology, qualitative and quantitative research
➢ TV Scheduling – the art and science thereof – Narrowcasting and broadcasting on demand
➢ Acquiring content – how to do it effectively

Takeaway Points:
➢ The group loved the training and said topics were relevant and timely
➢ Requested for more time – the content was detailed and needed more time
➢ Requested for customized training on social media and its impact on mainstream broadcasting
➢ Focus groups gave feedback on pilot programs and almost all stations committed to airing “Our Voices” (when ready), “Plugged In” and “VOA Connect” when relevant to their audience. Some stations committed to airing “Red Carpet” when it becomes available.

  • BBG
  • Phage Malebo
    TV Management Consultant
  • Joice Ngoh
    Regional Marketing Officer, BBG