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Radio Programming Best Practices for East & Southern Africa Partners

16-18 August 2018

Training for Radio program managers was held on August 16-18, 2018. First day, Ellington Kamba, BBG Research Analyst, and Joyce Ngoh, BBG RMO, conducted focus group research for VOA shows “Plugged In,” “Red Carpet,” VOA Connect” and “Our Voices”. Then two days of training were led by Alaudin Osman, a veteran journalist and owner of the first private FM station in Malawi, Capital FM in Blantyre (a BBG affiliate).

Radio Training Themes:
➢ Understanding Radio today
➢ Radio clocks – sticking to them or adjusting
➢ Talk Radio – formatting
➢ Content creation, Music, News and infotainment
➢ Presentation and preparation
➢ Is radio still king?
➢ Radio and Social media – how to marry the two

Takeaway points:
➢ The topics were relevant and so were the examples
➢ There was full participation all round with many asking for extended sessions
➢ There was request for more content

There were thirty-two radio programmers from the following countries: Botswana-1; Ethiopia-1; e-Swatini (formerly known as Swaziland)-1; Kenya-4; Lesotho-2; Malawi-2; Rwanda-1; Somalia-1; South Sudan-2; Tanzania-3; Uganda-12; and South Sudan-2.

  • BBG
  • Ellington Kamba
    BBG Research Analyst
  • Joyce Ngoh
    BBG Regional Marketing Officer
  • Alaudin Osman
    Owner of the first private FM station in Malawi, Capital FM in Blantyre