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Alhurra brings the midterm elections to the Middle East

As American voters go to the polls, Alhurra’s correspondents will be reporting from across the country to bring up-to-the-minute news from some of the most highly contested states up for grabs in the midterm elections. The network’s extensive coverage began on November 4th and will culminate on Election Day with eight hours of live continuous coverage as the polls close and results start to emerge.

Correspondents in Florida, Texas, Michigan, Arizona, Virginia and New York will examine the issues that are driving voters and highlight the implications the elections will have on U.S. foreign policy to the region. Alhurra will examine the difference between Republican and Democratic platforms and how these elections can tip the balance of power in Congress and what that will mean for the second half of the Trump administration. The network will have a variety of American political experts to provide analysis to viewers across the Middle East.

Audience across the Middle East can also find comprehensive coverage of the midterm elections on Alhurra.com and the channel’s social media platforms, including a live blog with the latest news and results of the elections.