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Cuban-American filmmaker donates documentaries to TV Marti

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The renowned documentary filmmaker Eduardo Palmer donated to TV Marti the rights to broadcast 30 of his documentaries focusing on Cuba. The Cuban-American filmmaker joined the Office of Cuba Broadcasting on December 14 for an event at OCB headquarters in Miami, FL to commemorate the partnership.

During the event, OCB Director Tomas Regalado stated that Cubans will value these documentaries that OCB will be broadcasting in January in a program called “The Palmer Legacy (El legado de Palmer).”

“The only way to better the future is to know history so that the same mistakes aren’t made,” said Regalado in his remarks during the event.

Joining the celebration was the award-winning filmmaker Orlando Jiménez Leal, a Cuban-American, known for movies like Conducta Impropia and 8A. Jimenez Leal highlighted the importance of TV Marti, a network that in his opinion is “like a thorn on the side of the regime” and classified today’s journey as a special one, recognizing the triumph of perseverance and sensibility towards Cuba.

Jimenez Leal is a long-time friend of Palmer, who 60 years ago shared hardships and dreams in New York during their first years in exile.

Regalado reiterated the importance of these filmmakers in the Cuban culture, who he called “visionaries and guardians of the true story of Cuba.”

Palmer’s collection of documentaries include “Cuba, satélite 13”, “La imagen rota”, “En un lugar sin alma”, “Manto Negro” and “Fidel Castro, Cuba y el narcotráfico”.


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