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Listen to VOA over data or cellular voice connections with Mobile Streamer

The Voice of America, in partnership with AudioNow Digital, launched an audio-only app that will allow users to listen to VOA programming over data or cellular voice connections. That option is especially valuable for VOA audiences in emerging markets where streaming audio is not available or cost prohibitive. VOA Mobile Streamer, which is available on Apple and Android platforms, will provide broadcast audio programming in 40 languages. In addition to on-demand programming, the app also offers live 24/7 radio streams in more than a dozen languages.

The VOA Mobile Streamer features:

  • Listen to hundreds of radio news programs on-demand in more than 40 different languages
  • Hear radio broadcasts streaming live in dozens of languages
  • Choose between listening to audio over your phone cellular connection or data connection to save money and bandwidth
  • Save download time and data costs with the Low-Bandwidth mobile in the settings
  • Share your favorite audio by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media services

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