United States Agency for Global Media

News apps for iOS and Android

We’ve created and manage the mobile news applications for all entities on Android and Apple iOS mobile and tablet devices that balance emerging market needs.

The apps also include innovative tech features: proxy integration to get around circumvention, customizable navigation, breaking news push notifications and multimedia UGC submission tools.

  • Enjoy photos, video, audio and text content, including background streaming of audio content
  • Hear radio podcasts on demand without downloading
  • Save download time and data costs with the Low-Bandwidth Mode
  • Download stories, videos, and photos for offline reading, watching, and listening
  • Offline downloading and saving of news content for later enjoyment
  • Share your favorite stories, videos, and photos via email, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Social media sharing of content on Facebook, Twitter, email and other platforms
  • Directly send your photo, video, audio and text news reports

The apps are praised by audiences with 4–5 star average scores, ranks in the top 20 news apps for most of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Find the version of the app that’s best for you: