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Radio Sawa apps engage with young MENA audience

The Radio Sawa Android and iOS mobile apps offer a touch-native, mobile-first experience for engaging with youth audiences in the Middle East and
North Africa (MENA) region, soliciting their voices and opinions, and broadcast it back to the community, as well as serve a little topical news in an innovative social and mobile-first format.

The app was built to technologically get around censorship and FM broadcast control of oppressive governments in the MENA region and it does that, giving voice to the voiceless, and youth audiences the opportunity to engage in music, entertainment, news, and social content on a new digital platform. It streams 8 Arabic music channels, features Sawa Chat interactive conversations, newscasts and the top tech, entertainment and culture news of the day.

Radio Sawa features:

  • Listen to eight different 24-hour streaming music stations from Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, The Gulf, Lebanon, Sudan, and Mauritania
  • Get your voice and opinion heard on the radio with the Sawa Chat recorder
  • Play Radio Sawa programs on-demand, including “Sawa Magazine,” “Sawa Chat” and “Free Zone”
  • Keep up with the latest hourly newscast
  • Share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email
  • Full Arabic content and design

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