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Meeting Notice: International Broadcasting Advisory Board

The International Broadcasting Advisory Board (Board) will conduct a meeting closed to the public at the times listed above. Board Members (membership includes Chair Kenneth Jarin, Luis Botello, Jamie Fly, Jeffrey Gedmin, Michelle Giuda, Kathleen Matthews, Under Secretary Elizabeth Allen (Secretary of  State’s Representative)), Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), Counsel and Board Secretary to Board, the Secretariat to the Board, and recording secretaries will attend the closed meeting. Certain USAGM staff members who may be called on to brief or support the Board also may attend.

Twenty-seven years later, RFA’s incisive brand of journalism and storytelling is as essential as ever

Today marks the 27th anniversary of Radio Free Asia (RFA), when our first broadcast of uncensored, accurate news reached listeners in China on the airwaves. Nearly three decades later, RFA has grown into a full-fledged, 21st century media company serving millions who lack access to a free press or are subject to authoritarian malign influence in Asia and around the world. RFA President Bay Fang highlighted RFA’s unique role and the power of storytelling.

CEO Bennett: Cambodia order to block RFA “abhorrent”

WASHINGTON – USAGM CEO Amanda Bennett issued the following statement in response to the July 12 order by Cambodian government regulators to block the websites and social media pages of independent media outlets, including Radio Free Asia’s Khmer Service.

Vira Hyrch

This installation in the Fallen Journalist Portrait Series is made using digital art techniques.

Mukarram Khan Aatif

This installation in the Fallen Journalist Portrait Series stacks layers of cut metal to form an abstract portrait.

USAGM CEO condemns Iran’s sanctioning of RFE/RL president

 “This action by officials in Tehran is clearly part of their strategy to limit Iranian citizens’ access to uncensored information and intimidate those who seek the truth,” said Bennett. “The people of Iran have shown great courage in their fight for freedom. Despite the Iranian regime’s escalating attacks on the free press, independent journalists, and the open exchange of ideas, USAGM will not be deterred in our mission to provide audiences in Iran with independent, fact-based journalism.”