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Abdul-Hussein Khazal

MBN contributor

Abdul-Hussein Khazal, 40, and his three-year-old son, Muhammad, were both shot dead on the morning of February 9, 2005, as they left their house in Basra.

According to an Agence France-Press (AFP) report, a previously unknown group calling itself “The Imam al-Hassan al-Basri Brigades” claimed responsibility for the killing citing his alleged membership in the Badr Brigades, a Shia militia. Colleagues have disputed the reason and say he was targeted for his work as a journalist.

Khazal reported for MBN’s Alhurra Television on issues inside Iraq, including extensive coverage of elections, and previously for Radio Sawa. Khazal was also head of the press service for the Basra city council, editor of a Basra newspaper and a member of the Shia Dawa party.