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Pham Chi Dung

Reporter and Blogger, VOA Vietnamese Service

On November 21, 2019, VOA Vietnamese freelance blogger, Pham Chi Dung, was arrested in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam, for “dangerous actions” against the Hanoi government.

The Ministry of Public Security said the 53-year-old is accused of “fabricating, storing and disseminating information, as well as other materials” opposing the government. Ho Chi Minh City police also issued a statement saying some of Pham’s actions “seriously violated the law” and were a danger to public order. Authorities provided no further details.

Dung was also investigated back in 2012 amid similar allegations. If found guilty, he could face a prison sentence of five to 20 years.

He was the service’s most popular blogger until his arrest and is still president of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN).