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A collection of stories demonstrating how USAGM networks are affecting the lives of their audiences

An Arab man paints a mural on a wall in the background while another reports into an Alhurra microphone in the foreground

MBN report features Mosul native’s artistic response to ISIS propaganda

Alhurra-Iraq aired a video story about an Iraqi artist who…

VOA Turkish provides extensive coverage of Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to the U.S.

VOA Turkish service reporters were outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence…

Man in suit with Korean flag behind him

Highest ranking North Korean defector says USIM plays important role

Thae Young-ho, former Deputy Ambassador to the North Korean embassy…

“Raise Your Voice” connects Iraqis affected by ISIL

“It’s amazing the way people are coming together on our…

VOA Swahili motivates listeners to use treated mosquito nets

A mother wrote to VOA Swahili stating that she began “using…

VOA Afghan radio show helps women obtain business loans

Several Afghan women were able to apply and receive business…


Defining impact

How do we measure USAGM’s impact?

In spite of dozens of threats to our journalists and their families along with hazardous working conditions, USAGM’s networks have growing impact.