United States Agency for Global Media

Embarking on Reform of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting

After TV Marti’s airing of the egregiously false and anti-Semitic story about George Soros came to light, U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) CEO and Director John F. Lansing asked for a third-party independent assessment of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting’s (OCB) programs. The purpose and scope of this review was straightforward and broad: to study content produced by Radio and TV Marti and identify whether or not it met USAGM’s standards for quality and professionalism.

In addition, the Agency internally reviewed OCB’s journalistic standards, editorial processes, and personnel practices. Furthermore, a comprehensive human resources investigation of the incident was completed and the agency has terminated, or is in the process of disciplinary action against, employees and contractors who have been deemed responsible. Collectively, these reviews highlight some urgent needs at OCB – particularly in shoring up journalistic principles and practices.