United States Agency for Global Media


Legacy radio distribution of USAGM content is done through and by 19 major Transmitting Stations around the world. Working in challenging environments with aging equipment and inadequate maintenance budgets, TSI staff at these stations still achieve superb availability, thanks for hard work, dedication, and sufficient redundancies.

In urban areas where radio remains a dominant medium, the migration of audiences from shortwave and medium wave to FM is complete. In urban areas key to VOA language services, TSI has in recent years built many FMs that have contributed to VOA’s growing radio audience figures. TSI has also supported technical expertise and infrastructure to support VOA’s building of 24/7 streams with news, interactive shows, and dynamic music programming.

The realignment of the Agency’s global network continues apace, of which ongoing expansion of the transmitting station in Kuwait is one piece.  From Kuwait, USAGM networks can continue serving legacy shortwave and medium wave audiences for less money.  USAGM continuously reviews its global distribution, in an effort to continue achieving more efficient use of satellite leases and other distribution tools.