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S. Enders Wimbush

(Former) Board Member

S. Enders Wimbush is Senior Director, Foreign Policy and Civil Society at the German Marshall Fund of the United States. From 1987-93, he served as Director of Radio Liberty in Munich, Germany.

Wimbush has worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, Science Applications International Corporation, the Rand Corporation as a consultant, strategist and analyst of international security issues, and for Runzheimer International as director of communications.

Earlier Wimbush directed the Society for Central Asian Studies in Oxford, England. In addition to dozens of policy studies for both the public and private sectors, Mr. Wimbush is the author or editor of seven books, including several authoritative histories of Central Asia and the Caucasus, and many articles on international strategy and security competition in scholarly, professional and popular media.

Wimbush studied for a Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, where he received his A.M. from the Committee on International Relations. He also holds a B.A. in History from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Wimbush served co-chair of the Strategy and Budget Committee and served as Chair of the Board of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.

Wimbush was appointed to the board on July 2, 2010, to a term expiring on August 13, 2010. By law, any member whose term has expired may serve until a successor has been appointed and qualified.