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Hassan Shwiki

Acting President, Middle East Broadcasting Networks

Hassan Shwiki currently leads Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc. (MBN), a non-profit international multimedia corporation funded by the U.S. Government to produce and communicate accurate, timely and relevant news and information about the United States, the region, and the world to Arabic-speaking audience across the Middle East and North Africa. In support of U.S. public diplomacy, MBN operates Alhurra and Alhurra-Iraq television networks, Sawa radio, and both Pan-Arab and targeted digital and social media properties. 

For nearly a decade, Hassan served in various leadership positions overseeing MBN’s editorial output. Most recently, he has been MBN’s Senior Vice President for Content. In that role he leads MBN editorial operations at its headquarters and its posts throughout the Middle East. He is involved in the programming strategies for all of MBN’s outlets, as well as monitors and guides content creation across the multimedia operation. 

Prior to that position, Hassan was MBN’s Public Editor, where he routinely measured and monitored MBN’s broadcasts for quality and adherence to editorial standards. He also strengthened MBN’s editorial operations by creating and implementing an MBN stylebook, as well as spearheading training for the editorial staff to foster and develop their journalistic skills. Hassan joined MBN as Alhurra’s Executive Producer of News in 2013. 

Before joining MBN, Hassan was the Head of News Output at Al Jazeera, where he led the daily selection of news items and how they were presented within each newscast. During his 17 years at Al Jazeera, he served a number of positions including News Program Editor and Editorial Project Manager. He started his career as an Assistant Information Officer and Interpreter at the Indian and British embassies in Syria. 

Hassan is a graduate of Damascus University, Syria.