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VOA Mandarin College Road Trip

VOA’s Mandarin Service gave Chinese students a unique window into life at U.S. colleges. Chinese students from 31 different campuses across the country share their experiences.

Last Dance of Kocho

The Last Dance of Kocho is a compelling short film recounting the harrowing experience of ethnic Yazidi families who were attacked by Islamic State militants, leaving scores dead or kidnapped, and families torn apart. The film is unique in that captures the pain and stories of the girls and families through watercolors painted by VOA Kurdish journalist Lukman Ahmad.

Off the Highway – Voters in Middle America

The series was launched by the News Center after the election of President Donald Trump to help illustrate the diversity in the United States by exploring small towns and rural areas and talking to the people who live there. VOA reporters traveled to a stretch of rural counties along the upper Mississippi River in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. They explained the views of voters in counties that turned from supporting the Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama in previous elections to the Republican Donald Trump in 2016. The series combines beautiful footage with a compassionate listening style. The VOA team spoke with many along the way who felt they were among the “forgotten men and women” that Trump promised to champion.