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RFA interactive web feature: The Rohingya: World’s Least-Wanted People

This web project explores the long persecution of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar through graphics, videos, key quotes, and current news. More than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims, including about 20,000 pregnant women, fled Myanmar’s Rakhine state last August in the wake of a military counter-offensive. The exodus put a huge strain on impoverished Bangladesh, which is struggling to provide housing and health care for Rohingya, many of whom escaped with little more than the clothes on their back.

dragon's reach graphic

The Dragon’s Reach: Tracking China’s economic power play

In an effort to maximize resources, increase collaboration and focus…

close up of man preparing drugs

Alhurra debuts a new documentary on opioid crisis in the Middle East

Opioid Crisis in the Middle East highlights the detrimental consequences…

man outside standing between old train tracks

Current Time documentary series Unknown Russia

Hosted by correspondent Vadim Kondakov, Unknown Russia explores extraordinary places…

VOA Mandarin College Road Trip

VOA’s Mandarin Service gave Chinese students a unique window into…

title sequence with rising sun and words

VOA documentary: ‘Boko Haram; Journey From Evil’

A new Voice of America documentary delivers an unprecedented examination…

Last Dance of Kocho

The Last Dance of Kocho is a compelling short film…