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David Burke Awards

The David Burke Distinguished Journalism Awards recognize the courage, integrity, and professionalism of journalists from each of the USAGM networks. The awards are named after the founding chairman, David Burke. To learn more about our distinguished winners, visit our Burke Awards page.



External Awards
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Network: VOA

Project: (2020)

Winner: Kane Farabaugh

Presented by: Society of Professional Journalists

Network: VOA

Project: VOA Special Report: Saving Gabon’s Forest Elephants (2021)

Winner: Carla Babb, Betty Ayoub, Ricci Shryock, Tatiana Mossot, Laurence Gomez and Elizabeth Arrott

Presented by: Military Reporters and Editors Association

Network: VOA

Project: The Lakota Daughters  (2021)

Winner: Victoria Kupchinetsky, Vladimir Badikov and Joy Wagner

Presented by: Kansas City FilmFest International

Network: VOA

Project: The Lakota Daughters (2021)

Winner: Victoria Kupchinetsky, VOA Russian

Presented by: Loyola Feminist Film Festival

Network: VOA

Project: (2021)

Winner: VOA journalist Zabihullah Ghazi

Presented by: The Afghanistan Journalists Center

Network: VOA

Project: Shoura (2020)

Winner: VOA NewsCenter

Presented by: Online News Association